Video: How to Find Great Sources for Your Healthcare Stories

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Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well so far. Did you set any writing goals for the week? Working on any deadlines?

Hey, speaking of deadlines… Sometimes you may need to find human sources for some of your healthcare content writing work. For example, one time I wrote a story on revised breast cancer screening guidelines that required me to interview three breast specialist MDs to add authority and credibility to the piece.

I’ve noticed that novice freelancers often turn first to putting out a “call” for sources on social media or through services like HARO, and I’m here to tell you that type of sourcing should be reserved as a last resort option. There’s a much better way to locate credible sources quickly – and I made this 9-minute video to show you just how to do it.

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Elizabeth Hanes

Elizabeth Hanes

Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN is known professionally as "the nurse who knows content." By day, she uses her nursing knowledge and creative writing acumen to produce content that drives results for clients. By night, she teaches other nurses how to achieve their dreams of a professional writing career. In between, she takes frequent breaks to drink Cosmos and walk her dog, Mitzi. Elizabeth lives in Albuquerque, NM. She has never met Walter White or needed Saul Goodman.


  1. AvatarYvonne says

    Great info! And so timely. This is great advice.
    HARO was suggested to me to find a source and I used it. An Infectious Diseases doctor wrote and answered my questions.
    I put him in my article. Because I watched your video I decided to look at his LinkedIn profile and I am not convinced that he is an MD even though he says he is a ‘doctor’. AND the same photo is used for his twitter account which also reveals very little info about him.

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