RN2writer Success Society

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Join the club! These online community forums give nurse writers of all experience levels a place to ask questions, share experiences, learn, launch, and grow their careers!


Join the club!

No freelance writer succeeds in a vacuum. We all rely on our communities to:

  • Help us solve problems, like finding editor contact information
  • Share experiences, like what it’s like working with a particular client
  • Answer questions, including how to price our services
  • Give feedback, such as critiquing our query letter or Letter of Introduction
  • Offer a compassionate ear and a virtual hug whenever it’s needed
  • Celebrate our mutual successes with enthusiasm!

That’s why I’ve created the RN2writer Success Society – the first (and, as far as I know, only) online writing community exclusively for nurses. This members-only forum offers a community that values each member as both a nurse and a writer and helps each of us grow in our freelance writing careers.

The Success Society is for nurse-writers of all experience levels:

  • Curious
  • Launching
  • Actively pursuing their first paying work
  • Writing only as a side gig
  • Going whole hog for a full-time freelance career
  • Established in a career
  • Retired or semi-retired (we welcome your writing and business wisdom!)

Sign up today to receive a FREE 45-day trial subscription with unlimited access! After that, it’s just $99 a year – a true bargain!

I hope you’ll join us. I plan to be spending a lot of time here.


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