Mega List of 50 Markets that Pay Nurse-Writers


Finding paying markets is one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing – so I did the hard work for you! This ebook contains 50 health-related markets (publications) that will pay you to write for them!


It can be hard to figure out exactly which markets (publications, websites, etc.) accept freelance pitches AND pay for articles.

So I did the hard work for you!

This ebook includes 50 health-related markets for beginning and advanced health writers! Pitch these editors confidently, knowing your first (or 20th) byline is just a click away!

Instant download on purchase.


Note: Paying markets verified at time of publication. This industry changes rapidly, so if you discover any of the listed markets have gone out of business or no longer pay writers, please email me – and I’ll provide you with a substitute market for free!


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