Countdown to 2021

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This is it.









This is all the client work I have left to do in 2020.

As I sit here, typing this on November 18, I feel myself creeping up on my annual winter break. This year, I should have everything wrapped up by December 11.

Then I will take the rest of the year off, not returning to the office until January 4th.

When’s the last time you got a three-week vacation from nursing?

Freelancing provides me with near-total schedule autonomy, which, to me, represents one of the greatest benefits of this lifestyle. No applying for PTO. No begging the charge to give me a day off. No seniority-based holiday coverage. No taking call.

And those annoyances only apply during the best of nursing times. The pandemic is showing us all the very worst of nursing times.

My heart goes out to all of you nurses on the front lines right now. May you manage to find some sort of emotional peace and equilibrium, not to mention the physical stamina to carry on.

Eventually, this pandemic will end. Eventually you may feel you have other options, in terms of your career. Maybe you will choose to join me in pursuing a cushy work-from-home nursing job that involves mainly typing and Zoom conferences with pleasant clients.


Until then, I sincerely wish you the best in your clinical life. We are all thinking about you.

Much love to you all.

Elizabeth Hanes

Elizabeth Hanes

Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN is known professionally as "the nurse who knows content." By day, she uses her nursing knowledge and creative writing acumen to produce content that drives results for clients. By night, she teaches other nurses how to achieve their dreams of a professional writing career. In between, she takes frequent breaks to drink Cosmos and walk her dog, Mitzi. Elizabeth lives in Albuquerque, NM. She has never met Walter White or needed Saul Goodman.

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