What is Your Value Proposition as a Nurse-Writer?

By Elizabeth Hanes / October 15, 2020 / 0 Comments

Today I want to cover a concept that’s essential to your success as a freelance writer, but it’s a concept you may not be familiar with. It’s called the ‘value proposition,’ and if you can nail this, then you can build a very successful business, indeed. What is a ‘Value Proposition’? In marketing, we used […]

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Quick Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Prospective Clients

By Elizabeth Hanes / October 8, 2020 / 0 Comments

Just a quick hit based on an experience I’m currently going through, wherein I am re-re-learning how to avoid PITA clients. Previously, I briefly touched on what makes a great client, and today I’m sharing a brief cheat sheet of red flags that should make you pause and seriously consider whether you want to work […]

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How Any Nurse Can Get Started as a Freelance Writer: Your 3-Step Plan

By Elizabeth Hanes / October 6, 2020 / 0 Comments

The most common question I get from nurses on social media and by email is: How can I get started as a freelance writer? Here’s a three-step plan to get you moving down the freelance path. Step One: Learn All You Can About the Freelance Writing Industry That’s right: Freelance writing is an industry. In […]

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My Bizarre Freelance Budgeting Method – and Why It Gives Me Peace-of-Mind

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 29, 2020 / 0 Comments

Many of the questions I field from aspiring (and even established) nurse-writers revolve around the question of money: how to figure out what to pay yourself, how to manage your business budget, and so on.  And, truthfully, I sometimes feel I’m not the best qualified person to answer those types of questions, because… I have […]

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RN2W: Know Your SOW: What It Is, How to Craft It, and How to Enforce It

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 24, 2020 / 0 Comments

Recently I’ve been embroiled in a situation with a soon-to-be-ex client that does not want to adhere to the SOW requirements we mutually agreed on in the contract, and I thought this would make an excellent topic for the newsletter. What is a SOW, you ask? Great question. SOW stands for Scope of Work. A […]

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The Secret to Making $100,000 per Year as a Nurse Writer in Two Steps

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 22, 2020 / 0 Comments

Last week I published a post called “How to Figure Out How Much to Pay Yourself as a Freelance Nurse Writer,” and, honestly, I sort of agonized over posting it. On the one hand, I felt the question (from a student in my Ultimate Health Journalism Basics for Nurses workshop) was a good one. On […]

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Video: How to Find Great Sources for Your Healthcare Stories

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 17, 2020 / 2 Comments

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well so far. Did you set any writing goals for the week? Working on any deadlines? Hey, speaking of deadlines… Sometimes you may need to find human sources for some of your healthcare content writing work. For example, one time I wrote a story on revised breast […]

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How Do You Figure Out How Much to Pay Yourself as a Freelance Writer?

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 15, 2020 / 2 Comments

Recently, a student in the Ultimate Health Journalism Basics for Nurses workshop asked me how she could figure out “how much” to pay herself as a freelance writer.  I think this question contains a lot of sub-questions and issues, so I’m going to delve into them in this post. The Real Question is “How Much […]

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This is the ONE THING You Need for Success as a Nurse-Writer

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 10, 2020 / 0 Comments

Seriously. This is the ’42’ of freelancing. Today I’m sharing the one secret that will lead you to success as a freelance writer. Yep, this one thing is the key to building a sustainable business – and I’m not exaggerating. If you can master this, you’ll be as busy as you want to be. The secret? Anchor […]

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5 Ways to Focus on Your Freelance Writing Work When You’re Distracted, Tired or What-Have-You

By Elizabeth Hanes / September 8, 2020 / 0 Comments

Aren’t we all feeling more than a little distracted at all times right now? We’re all trying to find a new way of being in the world, from schooling our kids at home to moving our elders out of assisted living and into the spare bedroom to sharing space with a spouse who now works […]

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