Do you get many leads through your website? Does it rank well in Google when people search on terms other than your name?

If you answered “no” to those questions, you’re not alone. I know many writers who feel their site is useless as anything other than a clips repository.

Look, your website exists for one reason and one reason only: To sell you and your services. If your site doesn’t generate leads, it could be because you gave it the wrong focus.

Surprisingly, Your Website should not be all “Me-Me-Me”

Your webpage hereMany freelance writers commit a major strategic error when writing their own sites. They make the site all about themselves:

“I do X”

“I write Y”

“I’m an award-winning Z”

That is not the way to win over a prospective client in the five seconds or so you have when they reach your website. These writers all share the same shortcoming: they do not grasp the fundamentals of marketing writing.

The One Question Your Website Must Answer

Marketing writing focuses on solving a problem of the reader’s.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You see, the cold truth is editors and clients don’t care what a swell person you are. They don’t care that you “share your home with two cats.” They may care a little bit that you write feature articles and blog posts, but they can find a bazillion writers on the web who do those things.

When you write your website, you must answer one question right away: why should the prospective client hire you?

My Website is all about YOU, Dear Client

How do you do that on your website? It’s pretty simple, really.

Take out all that me-me-me and substitute a healthy dose of you-you-you.

Put yourself in a prospective client or editor’s shoes. Ask yourself what problems they encounter that you can solve. Perhaps they find it difficult to locate writers who understand how to find and interview expert sources to lend credibility to their content. Then…

NOT “I write content on a variety of health topics,” but “When you need expertly sourced health content, I deliver.”

The Secret Power Nurses Wield as Writers

Nurses have one particular superpower that automagically sets them head-and-shoulders above all other health and medical writers. Can you guess what it is?HORIZONS

It’s those two little letters after their name: RN.

Editors and marketers value nurses as writers. We understand how to interpret research. We speak ‘doctor.’ An RN-bylined article confers a heaping helping of trust onto the website or magazine that publishes it.

You should prominently feature your licensure (no matter what it is) on your website. It is the #1 answer to the question “why should I hire you instead of someone else?”

Now go forth and write your home page as if you were telling someone exactly how you can solve all their content problems. Go!

Wishing you well,