Have you been with us since the beginning, or did you join mid-stream? We’re a little more than halfway through our 30-day primer on how to become a freelance nurse-writer, so I thought I’d take a moment to round up all the #RN2Writer posts so far.

Become a Nurse Writer in 30 Days

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Essential Writing Skills for Nurses

How to Set Up Your Freelance Writing Business – Part One

How to Set up Your Freelance Writing Business – Part Two

5 Nursing Skills that Transfer to Freelance Writing

3 Profitable Niches for Nurse-Writers

5 Ways to Get Writing Samples When You’re Just Starting Out

3 Marketing Tactics for Nurse-Writers

Do You Want to be a Flack or a Hack?

How (and Where!) to Find Your First Freelance Clients

Rock Your Letter of Introduction (LOI)

Why & How Nurse Writers Should Specialize

Working with Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Freelance Marketplaces to Avoid

Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Nurse-Writer

That should catch you up! I hope you find it useful to have all the content to date in one blog post. You also can always search the RN2Writer category to locate these posts.

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Wishing you well!