Picture of woman flexing biceps with textI’ve been riffing on the concept of January as the time of year when people resolve to get fit, eat healthy and exercise more. Let’s take the metaphor further. As a nurse you know the value of physical fitness. As a writer, you also need to recognize the value of freelance fitness. Let me explain.

Freelance fitness, defined

According to The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary (as cited by Dictionary.com), ‘fitness’ can be defined as:

The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

The state of being suitably adapted to an environment.

In this blog post, I’m referring to the second definition, of course. Cleverrrr.

I’m using the term ‘freelance fitness’ to refer to any writer’s suitability to accomplish the required writing tasks of the job. This includes your ability to produce grammatically correct material; write copy to a specific style guide; inject creativity into your work; and so on. As with any type of fitness, freelance fitness improves with time and exercise. The more you work on writing, the stronger your prose will become.

The one workout that will increase your freelance fitness level

No matter what your current level of freelance fitness, you should regularly work out your writing muscles. It’s no different from physical exercise, right? As soon as you slack off, I develop this spare tire around my waist and…. Wait. We were talking about you, right?

Well, here’s a secret: while daily writing workouts yield the fastest results, a good weekly routine will get you there, too. And the one workout routine I recommend for all freelance writers, no matter their fitness level, is weekly blogging.

The benefits of weekly blogging for freelance fitness Pull quote: Your blog is your website's heart-lung machine.

As a writer, your blog represents your website’s heart, in a way. Think about it. Your blog pumps out posts that circulate on the web. Maybe your blog is actually your heart-lung machine, because your posts also breathe life into your otherwise lifeless corpse of a website lying in the ditch of the information superhighway.

Weekly blogging not only provides a way for you to exercise your writing chops, but it increases your authority as a professional writer and fuels your marketing machine. Blogging enhances your credibility and authority as an expert. It tells clients you know your stuff.

The easiest exercise you’ll ever do

My coaching clients sometimes groan when I recommend weekly blogging as a writing workout. It feels stale to them. I admit blogging may be to writing exercises as walking is to physical fitness: not sexy but gets the job done.

Blogging is hella easy. If you own a domain name, buy a hosting package and create a self-hosted WordPress site. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you don’t own a domain name, hop over to WordPress.org and set yourself up there. Then get blogging!

Resolve to make this year the year you finally achieve freelance fitness.

Wishing you well,