073014_yayWhen I started RN2WRITER, I really wanted to create a community of nurse-writers. I’m so grateful this vision is coming to fruition. I want us all to exchange information, tips, gigs, and advice as often as possible.

To wit, this fantastic offer from RN2WRITER member Dr. Allison Muller PharmD. If you have been trying to find a way to break in to freelancing and get a bylined clip, here’s your chance!

The PharmTox Corner of Journal of Emergency Nursing (JEN) is looking for writers to share their emergency nursing experience!  No writing experience is required – only the motivation to share your knowledge!

The PharmTox Corner is a short column (2 to 5 double-spaced pages including references) and writers are asked to include real-life cases if possible to make the article compelling and interesting for emergency nurses to read. Although authors are unpaid, getting published in a peer-reviewed journal is a great way to build your credentials!

JEN is a peer-reviewed journal and Dr Allison Muller, Pharm.D has been Section Editor of this column for 13 years. Please contact her if you have a topic you would like to run by her at: acri.muller@comcast.net. Thank you!

To get an idea what Allison is looking for, please review Sample #1 and Sample #2 before you send her a pitch.

I don’t normally advocate writing for free, but I do know it can be hard to get your first bylined clip. And, plus, Allison is a member of our community, so I’m happy to support her.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please use the link above to email Allison directly.

Good luck!