I’m very excited to announce a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time: Helping nurses (and any other healthcare professionals, actually) forge a second career as a freelance writer. This project is called RN2Writer:

  • RN for the target audience
  • 2 for both “to” and to denote “2nd career”
  • Writer, specifically an independent, freelance writer

This project has several different components. First is this blog. Starting June 1 and continuing for 30 days, I’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions on how you can launch a new career as a freelance writer. I encourage you to subscribe to blog posts either by email (using the form at lower-right) or via RSS feeder (just click the icon in the header) so you don’t miss a thing.

The second component is the RN2Writer newsletter. Issued monthly, it will contain my top tips and tricks to succeed in this fun and rewarding profession. The subscription is free, and I will never, ever share your contact information with anyone else. Importantly, the newsletter also will contain exclusive offers and discount codes for future publications, webinars, coaching and more.

The third component, as I just mentioned, is training webinars. Over the rest of 2014, I’ll be offering several RN2Writer webinars that cover all aspects of freelance writing. From writing essentials to how to run your business, I’ll share all the knowledge I’ve gained over 20+ years of freelancing. Whether you’re totally new to freelance writing or you’ve been doing it for awhile but want to push to the next level, you’ll find a webinar for you.

Another component is personalized coaching and mentoring. I’m reserving this for the RNs out there. I’ve already helped mentor nurses who are new to freelancing, and I’ll be delighted to be your coach, too.

I can’t wait to share all the great aspects of freelance writing with you! Aside from clinical nursing, professional writing must be the best career going. At least, that’s how I feel. I hope by the time you finish the RN2Writer 30-day blogathon, you’ll be convinced, too.

So sign up for the RN2Writer newsletter, and then head back here on June 1 to take a 30-day journey with me and start down the path to a lucrative career as a nurse-writer.

PS: You also can follow along on Twitter at hashtag #RN2Writer.

Wishing you well!