Every writer needs a website, but it doesn’t have to be a lavish production. Just make sure your site includes these four essential pages, and you’re good to go.

The 4 Essential Pages

1.  Home page

Duh. It’s the main page of your website.

What your home page should include: an overview of the problems you solve for potential clients/editors. Your tagline. Your value proposition. (We’ll get into that last one another time.)

Keep it short and crisp. Write as many words as you need and nothing more. Use web writing best practices. Remember, potential clients are evaluating your writing skills from the moment they land on your site.

2.  Services

Your services page should include a detailed list of the types of writing you offer. Be sure to write about these services in a way that shows how they solve problems.

For example, instead of putting “health articles,” try “health articles that include current research findings.” Editors get pitched all day long by writers who propose evergreen stories. They don’t want that. They want articles with a news peg. By alluding to “current research findings,” you subtly convey to editors that you understand they need newsy pieces, and you’re on top of research news to bring their audience.

3.  Contact

Always put a separate “contact me” page on your website. If you feel fancy, add a form instead of Your Freelance Websitea simple email link.

Should you include personal contact details like address and phone number? It depends.

For many years, I did not include my address or my telephone numbers. I was concerned about privacy. Since then I’ve loosened up. I still don’t publish my street address, but I do include both my office phone and my cell number. I’ve never had a prank call or perv try to reach me by cell, so it seems safe enough. Do what makes you comfortable.

The main takeaway is this: Make it easy for clients or editors to contact you.

4.  About

Here is where you get to talk about your lovely self a bit. Try not to make it too self-serving, though. Focus less on your sparkling personality and more on your accomplishments. And keep it brief. I’d say no more than 350 words.

Optional Pages To Include If Possible

  • Work Samples or Clips (if you have any past work to showcase)
  • Clients (I like to keep a separate page to showcase company logos)
  • Testimonials (if you have any)
  • Clinical Specialties (so if someone searches for “nurse writer + chemotherapy” your site comes up)
  • Blog posts page

And that’s it, my friends! You can launch your freelance career with a minimalist, four-page website. Get cracking.

When your site goes live, head back over here and post a link to it in the comments. I’d love to see it!

Wishing you well,