1-061114_market_yourself_writer_howard_lakeAfter nearly two years and tens of thousands of words, I’ve decided to retire the RN2WRITER website – at least for the time being. (Never say never, right?)

This website contains a wealth of tips and knowledge to help any nurse become a successful freelance writer, so I’m leaving everything intact. Feel free to comb through the archives for actionable information to launch your career, along with motivational posts to keep you pushing forward.

In addition to the blog posts, you still can access my one-on-one coaching services. Just click on the appropriate tab, navigate to the store and place your order. I love mentoring nurses who want to write!

I offer my heartfelt THANKS to everyone who has read, commented and shared these blog posts over the past months. Your enthusiasm and support made it all worthwhile.

And maybe I’ll be back one day. Right now, my career is taking me in a different direction. But that’s not to say I won’t be back.

Wishing you all the very best!