Professional Speaker

I’m a dynamic speaker and workshop presenter who engages with the audience and has fun. I primarily speak on the topics of:

  • Health/medical product/service marketing
  • Aging
  • Caregiving
  • Technology in aging
  • Basics of freelance writing
  • Writing as a second career for nurses

My presentations run from instructional (workshops) to informative (technology in aging, caregiving). No matter what your needs, I provide your audience with an entertaining experience.

Call for more information or to book me for your event! 832-674-4190.

Webinars for Nurses

Are you winding down your nursing career and think sitting at a desk and writing all day would make a great second act?

Then we think alike! That’s exactly what I did, and today I’m a successful health and medical writer, with major clients like WebMD. Your RN license can be the key that unlocks lucrative writing opportunities available ONLY to writers with a professional credential.

I’m here to help you realize your dream of becoming a professional, working writer. I’m not talking about helping you pen that Great American novel. I’m all about earning a living wage through non-fiction writing: articles, blogs, marketing content and much more. It may be less glamorous than sitting atop the New York Times bestseller list, but it’s a whole lot easier. And it can be a whole lot of fun.

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