073014_yayRecently I fielded an inquiry from a communications agency that was looking for a nurse-writer (or at least a writer with knowledge of the hospital environment) to blog for a client. I couldn’t take on the job, so I asked my regular newsletter subscribers if they were interested in the gig.

Boy, did I get a response!

Dozens of readers emailed me to express their interest in this job. The response led me to think maybe everyone would enjoy receiving a periodic newsletter that consists strictly of job opportunities — both freelance gigs and full-time employment.

I haven’t launched such a newsletter yet because I’d like to know if this is something you’d be interested in receiving. If you would like to receive a jobs newsletter, please visit this sign-up form and enter your email address.

Signing up today to express your interest does not obligate you to subscribe if and when I launch a jobs newsletter. But if nobody’s interested, then I won’t waste my time pursuing it.

By the way, if I do launch a jobs list, it will be free to receive.

If you’re interested in receiving job listings by email, please sign up using this form.

Wishing you well!