1-061114_market_yourself_writer_howard_lakeAs always, our newsletter subscribers got the scoop on the big upcoming changes to RN2Writer when we announced them yesterday. (If you want to get the scoop next time, be sure to subscribe.)

Don’t worry: all the fabulous, free content you’ve come to expect will still be here. In fact, we’re adding a ton more free content! Whether you’re merely exploring the idea of launching a freelance career or you’ve been writing for awhile and could use some support and education to help you get to the next level, RN2Writer will continue serve as your premier writing resource.

Big Changes Afoot

Over the next few months, you’ll see a major transformation in the look and functionality of RN2Writer. We’re expanding from being just a blog and newsletter to being the ultimate nurse-writer hub and e-learning community. My question is: what new features would you like to see in your community? Please use the comment thread to tell us!

Here’s what we’re adding for sure:

  • Free video training courses, including…
    • How to Set Up Your Freelance Business
    • How to Land your First Client(s)
    • Learn to Write a Killer Query and Letter of Introduction
    • How to Create a Writer Website that Brings the Clients to You
    • 27 Ways to Market Yourself
  • Affordable super-premium video training courses, including…
    • Amp Up Your Marketing with a SWOT Analysis
    • Freelance Pricing 101: Answering the Question “How Much Should I Charge?”
    • Reporting Basics for Nurses
    • How to Break In to Healthcare Content Marketing
    • Unlock the Big Bucks with Value-Based Pricing
  • Free monthly podcast
  • Free members-only discussion forums
  • Monthly coaching presentation with Q&A session where you can pick the expert’s brain
  • Jobs newsletter
  • Swag! Show your nurse-writer pride with RN2Writer t-shirts, totes, coffee mugs and more

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff.

But is it enough? Is it what you want?

How Can We Serve You Better?

We want RN2Writer to meet your needs. What would you like to see us offer that isn’t on the list? What types of support would most benefit you, no matter where you are in your career?

I’d be grateful if you took a moment to leave a comment with anything you’d like the ultimate nurse-writer community to include. The sky’s the limit!