7 Warning Signs You Might Be a Writer


Spring brings out the silly side of me. Let’s have a little fun with these 7 warning signs you might be a writer. Do you see yourself in them?



  1. You correct the punctuation errors in bathroom graffiti.
  1. The local Starbuck’s changed its wi-fi password to your first name.
  1. You obsess for hours or days over ‘pricing’ vis a vis the ‘scope of work’ for providing three dozen different types of treats for the elementary school bake sale.
  1. You edit your grocery list in Word using TrackChanges.You might be a writer if...
  1. Your friends still talk about that time you left book club in a huff because no one would support your argument that Bossypants would have been a more riveting read if presented in an epistolary format.
  1. You write Facebook screeds condemning the use of the serial comma.
  1. You have a dog named Hemingway, a cat named Emily Dickinson and a bird called Chatterly.

What warning signs peg you as a writer? Share them in the comments!

Wishing you well,