Coaching: Pick My Brain – One-Hour Session


Here’s your chance to pick the brain of a successful freelance nurse writer in an affordable one-hour coaching session.

Product Description

Aspiring freelance nurse writers often have questions. Lots of questions. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin your journey to freelance writing.

If you want to pick my brain, here’s your chance. I’m offering one hour of phone coaching at a flat rate. You can ask me anything you’d like during our hour. We can cover:

  • How to find and evaluate potential markets for your work
  • How to prioritize the steps you need to take to launch a new freelance career
  • Can your letter of introduction be improved to land paying work?
  • How to write a query letter
  • What the process is for writing articles
  • Ethical concerns or questions
  • Where to focus your marketing efforts
  • Discuss the business aspects of freelancing

…and much more. Anything you want to know, I’ll tell you.

This coaching does not include the pre-coaching questionnaire or structured elements of the coaching programs I offer. If you think you’ll need some ongoing support to get up and running, I suggest you look at the package deals.

After you order your one hour coaching session, I’ll be in touch to set up a time.

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