marketing‘Content marketing’ is the new buzzphrase, and perhaps you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’re wondering what it is. That’s a good question to ask because healthcare content marketing writing can be a very good entry point for new nurse-writers.

What is content marketing?

Despite what you may read, no single definition exists for this term. I view content marketing as any activity that promotes engagement with your brand or company. In general, content marketing serves to build trust in your brand and loyalty from consumers and clients, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C realm.

What does content marketing consist of?

Many activities can be considered ‘content marketing.’ The most common ones I see (and contribute my skills to producing) are:

  • Blogging — either proprietary or on a third-party platform, such as Forbes BrandVoice or LinkedIn
  • Informational web content — web pages, case studies, ebooks, anything you can find free on the web that adds value for the target market and subtly enhances your brand
  • Video — increasingly brands are turning to video to reach clients and consumers on a face-to-face level
  • Social media — Twitter and Facebook marketing used to stand alone, but now savvy brands use them for engagement on a massive scale

The list could go on and on, but I’m highlighting some of the most popular types of content marketing I’m seeing today. Content marketing will continue to evolve, which means great things for writers. We’ve already seen the death of quick, cheap content copy produced by content mills. Now we’re watching the rise of quality content, which confers more value to the client and more change to the writer’s pocket.

Why should I care about content marketing as a nurse-writer?

As the healthcare industry becomes more competitive, medical brands, hospitals and even individual physicians are hopping aboard the content train. They produce materials such as patient newsletters, blog posts, informative web pages and much, much more. Someone has to write all that content. Who better than a nurse writer?

How do I get started as a healthcare content writer?

Use the same process I outlined before, in terms of finding target companies, brands, hospitals and other markets you want to work with. Polish up your letter of introduction. Send it off — over and over again.

Equally important? Start educating yourself about what content marketing is and how to do it well. When you show prospective clients you understand their needs in the content realm, you increase your chances of landing ongoing gigs and anchor clients.

Content marketing isn’t a fad, so don’t be afraid of putting energy into this niche. I’m convinced content marketing represents the new wave of consumer engagement and will only grow in the future. Opportunities should abound.

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Image via Howard Lake