09.08.15 Here's What You Should be ReadingFreelancing is an art, a craft, and a business. The best freelancers keep current on the latest tools and inspiration to help them achieve success. Here’s what I’m recommending you put on your reading list for this week (or weekend).

How a Freelancer Manages her Time, Money, To-Do List and Despair

Laura Shin is a veteran freelance writer who specializes in personal finance. Throughout the course of her career she’s interviewed some of the top experts in the field, and she’s naturally picked up some pointers to use in her own career. In this post, she shares her best tips with you.

How to Manage Your Financial Life

Susan Lee maintains the excellent website FreelanceTaxation.com. Bookmark it. Refer to it regularly. In the post linked above, Susan sets out some great guidelines for dealing with the ebb and flow of freelance income.

The Proofreading Technique that will Change Your Life

As a freelance nurse-writer, you have only yourself to rely on it when it comes to turning in clean copy. You never want to submit an article, essay, or You never want to submit an article, essay,other piece of work with typos, repetitive words, and other problems. In the article linked above, Kellie McGann offers the best tip I’ve ever known for spiffing up your copy through proofing. (It’s a technique I use myself, as a matter of fact.)

How to Keep the World from Distracting You when You Work from Home

This lengthy blog post by Kristen Wong lays out some great strategies for successfully working from home.

Freelance Medical Writers: Optimizing LinkedIn

This great 8-minute video by freelance medical writer Ruwaida (Dhala) Vakil offers a general overview of your LinkedIn homepage and how to set it up to attract more leads.

I hope these links feed your writing mind and soul throughout the week!

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