startHave you ever read some interesting new research thought, “I wish I could somehow tell the world about this”?

If so, then this class may be for you!

My friend Jodi Helmer, a very successful freelance writer who has been published in Natural Health, Shape, Parents, WebMD magazine and others, is offering her fantastic query bootcamp class, beginning May 4. In this six-week class, you’ll learn how to polish ideas into story pitches, how to query editors at different types of publications and much more. You’ll also receive detailed critiques to help you learn how to query better.

Jodi offers two versions of the query bootcamp: regular and premium. When you purchase the premium bootcamp, you’ll receive three 30-minute phone calls with Jodi for personalized help and feedback.

I highly recommend Jodi’s query bootcamp to anyone interested in selling stories for publication.

By the way, I receive so many questions about how to sell stories to magazines that I’m devoting the entire month of May to the query process and more. I hope you subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

Wishing you well,