Like I’m always saying, when you’re a freelance writer you are also a…CEO, VP of Marketing, Chief Content Officer, Copywriter, Administrative Assistant, and much more. You wear every hat in your organization.

But do you excel at every role? If you’re like most people, probably not. In fact, nurses making the transition to freelance writer may feel lacking in many of the skills they need to build and run a business. You can have all the confidence in the world in your writing ability, but if your business management skills aren’t up to snuff then you won’t be as successful as another writer who is a biz whiz.

The good news is you can learn as you go. That’s what I do. I subscribe to a select few newsletters and email lists that deliver great business value to me. Today I’m sharing the things I read.


I almost always find something of value in the emails Danny Iny sends out (and he sends a lot of them, so be prepared). Usually I can quickly skim them for the best nuggets and then save them for further reading later, when I can take notes (seriously). I file the most valuable of Danny’s emails for re-reading. They’re that good.

Seth Godin

Seth writes very short blog posts each day that reflect on the big-picture issues of business. For example, check out his recent posts “Variations on stupid”, “Some people hate change”, and “Entitlement vs worthiness”. Can you see how you might apply these concepts to your business and professional development?

You’re welcome.

The Monday Morning Memo

Published by advertising legend Roy H. Williams. This weekly newsletter ostensibly covers topics on advertising, but I’ve found the overarching theme of each issue often applies far beyond its niche. I have received healthy doses of insight into conceptualizing and running my freelance business from this gem of a newsletter.

Let’s Workshop

I honestly forget how I got on this list, but Robert publishes some great info for freelancers on how to win clients. Take this article on “the email line that’s client repellent”. This contains wisdom you can incorporate into every client interaction. Recommended.

Copy Hackers

Last but definitely not least is Joanna Wiebe’s Copy Hackers newsletter. Even if you don’t intend to become a copywriter, you can put her tips and techniques into practice for your own marketing initiatives. You may recall I wrote about Joanna’s “Diva List” idea a few months ago. I never fail to get something of great value from Joanna’s posts.


I’m curious: What newsletters and blogs do you read to enhance your freelance career? Please give them a shout-out in the comments!

Wishing you well,